Integrate tiny+ with everything, with Zapier

The app diaspora is bigger than ever, which is great news for designers finding new and exciting ways to manage their professional lives and deliver value for their clients. Connecting tiny+ data to other specialised apps can give you powerful benefits. And so, we are pleased to announce the release of our beta integration with Zapier.

Zapier lets you connect tiny+ with literally thousands of other apps in any way you can imagine. With tiny+ and Zapier you can design how your other apps connect with custom triggers and actions from tiny+.

Some example Zaps you can build with our new Zapier integration:

  1. Create an enquiry in tiny+ when someone completes a Gravity Form on your Wordpress marketing website.
  2. Send an email to a colleague whenever you create a new project in tiny+.
  3. Track event RSVPs from Eventbrite to tiny+.
  4. Add a note on the tiny+ news feed whenever you schedule a calendar event with a contact in Google Calendar.
  5. Automatically populate a Google Sheets spreadsheet with a list of projects that have been active for more than six months.

Our Zapier integration is currently in beta, and is available now for our Pro plan users.

March 4, 2020