Project and lead tracking

Turn leads into projects

tiny+ follows your leads as they turn into projects, and later become portfolio pieces. Each step of the way, tiny+ gathers crucial marketing and relationship information that will help you grow your business and win the next project.

Share as your go with the news feed

Every project has its own news feed, a place where you and your colleagues can share and receive updates. Share tender news, negotiations and client conversations. And as you’re delivering the job, share progress photos, construction news and renders.

Marketing image library

A place to keep and share your marketing renders and professional photos. Keep all details, including attribution and license information of each image, for use in your future marketing collateral.

Build project teams

Bring your colleagues into the business development process - including your bid team and your delivery team. Once added to a project, tiny+ keeps your team informed of all your project’s news. And invites them to share their own updates as the project progresses.

Track all project relationships, not just the client

In our industry, winning projects happens from partnerships. tiny+ helps you quantify your business relationships by connecting in your bid partners. Gain insights into not just which client helps you win jobs, but which industry partners too.

Shhh! It’s a secret!

Sometimes, the project you’re working on is extra sensitive. tiny+ lets you mark a project as ‘confidential’, and obscures project information from all but the project’s team.


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