sales software for designers
(not salespeople)

tiny+ is crm for architects, engineers and all design professionals
win jobs, impress clients and keep creating
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custom-built for design professionals

tiny+ is CRM software for architects, designers, engineers, contractors, town planners, project managers — anyone who designs, creates and builds things

Never forget a lead again

tiny+ will give you a nudge when it's time to get back in touch. Plus set your own tasks and reminders for you and the team.

Turn leads into projects

Get a complete view of your project pipeline. tiny+ helps you understand what you need to do next to win jobs and delight your clients.

Build relationships together

Work as a team to manage complex client relationships. Set shared plans and watch your relationships grow.

Win together

Business development is best done collaboratively. tiny+ lets you work as a team, share news instantly and celebrate wins together.
Try it free
Instant access. No credit card required.

Turn leads into projects

get a complete view of your project pipeline.
Keep on top of your leads with project tracking, task and meeting management, news feeds and more.

Grow your client relationships

plan your business development, set goals and watch your relationships grow
Set goals for your client relationships in tiny+. Stay focused on the steps it takes to win the trust of a new customer, and grow your relationships with existing clients.

Your contacts, managed

all your contacts, successfully wrangled. ✔
The perfect place to keep all your contacts. Map out who knows who, follow contacts as they move around the industry, and sync your contacts with Outlook and all your devices.

Plan your client events

simple tools to track and plan your external marketing activities - drinks, seminars, conferences, the lot
Ditch the highlighter and spreadsheet printout, and plan who to invite to your next hosted event right in tiny+ with our collaborative invitation lists.

Record attendance and no-shows and see attendance history tracked for each of your contacts.

What do our customers say?

tiny+ is a fantastic tool. I have worked with a number of CRM's in my time and most are over complicated, too time-consuming and clunky. For us tiny+ encapsulates the 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' principle.  It's a straight forward and effective CRM for architects which we all use every day. And every time we have needed a tweak or addition the team has accommodated.

Simone Musgrave

Huge time savings! We're a growing firm so every potential lead needs to be followed up. Squeezing in BD on top of running the practice and designing projects is a challenge. tiny+'s pipeline management tools have saved me a heap of time and kept us on top of our leads.

Daniel Smith
LEAF Architecture