tiny+ integrations

Mailchimp and tiny+

Plan and send targeted mailouts to your tiny+ contacts with the tiny+ Mailchimp integration.

Build campaign audiences in tiny+

With the tiny+ and Mailchimp integration enabled, you can build custom lists of your tiny+ contacts and synchronise those lists to Mailchimp audiences. Then use Mailchimp to create beautiful, targeted email campaigns to your contacts.

How does the integration work?

Create as many custom lists in tiny+ as required, then add your contacts to the appropriate lists. You may choose to make just a single list called 'Newsletter Recipients'. Or you may prefer to closely segment your contacts into different audiences. Each contact list can then be synced to an equivalent audience in Mailchimp.

Will this integration work with a free Mailchimp account?

Yes. However, Mailchimp currently limits their free accounts to one audience only of up to 2,000 contacts, which means you can only create one custom list in Mailchimp from tiny+.


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